Ensemble vocal

Ensemble vocal is a mixed chamber choir based in Hamburg, Germany. The number of 35-40 members enables the ensemble to perform the whole range of a-cappella literature. Spanning a wide range from rich and homophonic sound structures to delicate and differentiated textures, each voice is called upon performing on behalf of a homogeneous choir sound. At the same time though, each singer’s individual quality is of great importance.

Therefore, vocal training sessions play an essential role, be it during tutti, section or sextet rehearsals. The choir’s repertoire covers all epochs of choral music, from ancient music to romantic choral literature up to first performances and vocal jazz. The choir focuses especially on works of the twentieth and twenty-first century, be it classical modernism or avant-garde.

Since its foundation on 1994, the choir has performed in more than 200 concerts of every kind and has won many national and international awards.

The latest awards:

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